Marathon Introduction

    The Harbin Bank 2017 Harbin International Marathon (the “Race”) is jointly held by Chinese Athletic Association, Sports Bureau of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Municipal People’s Government.
The Race is undertaken by Harbin Municipal Sports Bureau and Harbin Hama Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd.
The official title sponsor of the Race is Harbin Bank.
The Race is the largest and most influential outdoor sports in Harbin and the surrounding area.
   The Harbin Bank 2016 Harbin International Marathon won the "2016 China Track and Field Association bronze medal event"(According to the regulation, the first event organized and is only eligible to apply for the bronze medal event category. The event was also awarded “The 2016 China Marathon Most Beautiful Track Feature Competition" category.
   This Harbin Bank 2017 Harbin International Marathon will be held at 7:30 am on August 26th. 2017. The Race was categorized into 3 events, full marathon, half marathon and mini marathon. The number of participants is expected to reach 30,000 comprising of professionals and running enthusiast from domestic and all over the world.
The tournament will cooperate with China Central Television CCTV-5 sports channel to broadcast live throughout the event for 160 minutes, and a number of domestic and foreign news media will also be reporting the race event.

August 26th, 2017 (Saturday)
Starting Point: YouYi Road, (Central Avenue intersection) DaoLi District, Harbin City
Finishing Point:
i)Full Marathon finishing point: Harbin Sun Stone Square
ii)Half Marathon finishing point: Harbin Municipal Square
iii)Mini Marathon finishing Point: ShangJiang Street (Close to Harbin Music Park)


(i)Full Marathon Male / Female (42.195km) – 6,000 participants
(ii)Half Marathon Male/Female (21.0975km) – 6,000 participants
(iii)Mini Marathon Male / Female (around 5km) – 18,000 participants
i) Full Marathon:
YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) →West YouYi Road→LiJiangRoad→Qunli Avenue→Yan Ming Beach Bridge→Yang Ming Beach Bridge Eastern By Pass Road→ChuangXin Road 1→KeJi Street 1→ShiMao Avenue→KeJi Street 2→ChuangXin Road 1→KeJi Street 4→JiangWan Road→BinShui Avenue→Harbin Grand Theatre→BinShui Avenue→ Song Bei Avenue→Sun Avenue→Moon Bay TV City→Finishing Point (Sun Island Sun Stone Square).
ii) Half Marathon:
YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) →West YouYi Road→LiJiang Road→Qunli Avenue→Yan Ming Beach Bridge→Yang Ming Beach Bridge Eastern By Pass Road→Century Avenue→TianXiang Street→TianXiang Street Turn-back→Century Avenue→Finishing Point (Harbin Municipal Square)
iii) Mini Marathon:
YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → YouYi West Road → Finishing Point (ShangJiang Street).


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