Registration instructions

Harbin Bank 2021 Harbin Marathon

Notes to Registration

I. Event information

(1) Date of competition:

7:30 a.m., Sunday, August 29, 2021

(2) Events:

Marathon (42.195 km)

Half Marathon (21.0975km)

Mini Marathon (5km)

(3) Event Scale:

Marathon (10,000 participants)

Half Marathon (10,000 participants)

Mini Marathon (10,000 participants)

(4) starting point and finishing point

Starting point (3 projects) : Harbin Music Park Music Corridor.

Marathon finish: Sun Island Sun Stone Square.

Half Marathon Finish: Century Avenue (City Hall Square).

Finishing point: Qunli Music Theme Square (Qunli Museum of Harbin Music).

(5) Race route

1. The marathon route

(starting point) in Harbin music music park promenade, friendship road, (left) jiang lang road, turn right () we road, bridge, Yang Ming beach (right turn to return) auspicious annan street, turn right () innovation, all the way (right) technology, (left) shimao avenue, a street (left) two street, turn right () the innovation of science and technology, all the way (left) technology four street, riverside avenue (right), (Turn back) Binshui Avenue, (turn left) Qianjin Road, Tianyuan 2nd Road, (turn right) Binshui Avenue, (turn right) Songbei Road, (turn right) Bingfeng Road, (turn left) U-turn road of Songhua River Highway Bridge, (turn right) Sun Avenue, Sun Stone Square of Sun Island (end point).

2. Half Marathon route

Harbin music music park promenade, friendship road, (left) jiang lang road, turn right () we road, bridge, Yang Ming beach (right turn to return) auspicious annan street, turn right () innovation, all the way (right) technology, (left) shimao avenue, a street (left) science and technology street, riverside avenue (left), (left) tianxiang street, turn right () century avenue (turn back), municipal Square (terminal).

3. Mini-marathon route

Harbin Music Park Music Corridor, Youyi West Road, (turn right) Yangmingtan Avenue, (turn right) Harbin Bank Puhui Road, Harbin Music Museum (end point).

II. Registration Qualifications

(1) Qualification requirements

1. Any person who meets the requirements of the competition regulations, has a legal identity certificate and is fit for a physical examination can register.

2. Due to epidemic prevention and control reasons, this event only accepts domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) competitors from low-risk areas.

3. Participants from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries who have resided in China for more than 180 days can register for the competition.

(2) Age requirements

1. Participants must be over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2001) to participate in the marathon.

2. Half Marathon participants must be over 16 years old (born before December 31, 2005).

3. There is no age limit for participants in the mini marathon.Participants under 16 years of age (born before December 31, 2005) and over 65 years of age (born after December 31, 1956) must obtain the consent of their guardian or legal representative and sign a disclaimer before entering the competition.You should be accompanied by a guardian or legal representative.

(3) The physical condition of the contestants

Is a high strength long distance of a marathon athletic sports, is also a high-risk competitive projects, have higher request for participants condition, participants should be healthy and have a regular running or training, the foundation of the contestants should according to their own physical condition and ability, choose the right item, confirm the relevant clauses of the entry statement.

The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that participants take necessary physical examination within one month before the competition to determine whether they are fit to participate in high-intensity sports competitions. Physical examination items mainly include but not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, heart, lung, liver and kidney functions, etc.

People with the following physical conditions are not allowed to participate in this competition:

1.Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases.

3.Myocarditis and other heart disease.

4.Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia.

5. Diabetes with too high or too low blood sugar.

6. Pregnant women.

7. Had a cold less than two weeks before the race.

8. Drinking heavily or not getting enough sleep the night before a game.

9. Not recovering from infectious diseases.

10. Other situations that are not suitable for exercise.

III. Registration time

(1) Forecast time:

10:00 on July 23 to 22:00 on July 29.


In the middle of August

(3) Payment time:

If the number of marathon, half marathon and mini marathon applicants exceeds the quota, the qualification will be obtained by drawing lots.The registration fee shall be paid in advance, and the registration fee of the unsuccessful contestants will be refunded according to the original payment method within 15 working days after the announcement of the result of the draw.

IV. Registration method

(1) Log on the official website of Harbin Marathon ( to register online.

(2) Group registration is not accepted.

(3) All competitors (including those who have obtained direct access and free access) must register through the official website.

(4) Other marathon, half marathon and mini marathon participants will be qualified by random drawing, and the result of drawing will be notified by text message.Applicants can also check through the official website of the event.

(5) Contestants will not be registered

1. Athletes who have been banned by the Chinese Athletic Association for violating the rules of track and field competition and relevant rules.

2. The competitor who has been banned by the organizing committee for violating the rules of the event organized by the organizing committee and its operating unit.

3. Those who fail to meet the requirements of the organizing committee on epidemic prevention and control.

4. Players who are not qualified for this event for other reasons.

(6) Offline registration assistance is provided at the office of the organizing committee (Building 16, Innovation City, Chuangxin 3rd Road, Songbei District, Harbin). For details, please call the organizing committee.

V. Registration fee

(1) Chinese players

1. Marathon 150 yuan/person.

2. RMB120 / person for Half Marathon.

3. Mini-marathon is 80 RMB/person.

Note: The above registration items use the cloud flash payment binding 62 beginning bank card payment immediately deducted 30 yuan.

(2) Foreign players

1. Marathon event: RMB 320 / person (or USD 50 / person).

2. RMB260 / person for Half Marathon (or 40USD/ person)

3. Mini Marathon RMB160 / person (or 25USD/ person).

Participants who have been confirmed by the organizing committee (successful registration) are not allowed to change their entries.If you are unable to participate in the competition due to personal reasons, you can contact the organizing committee to mail the entry package after the competition (the fee will be borne by yourself). The entry fee is non-refundable (except for the case of epidemic disease).

VI. Contestants who can directly qualify for the competition

(1) Excellent contestants invited by the organizing committee.

(2) Candidates who have registered and participated in the marathon and half marathon of Harbin Marathon for more than 3 times between 2016 and 2019, and have obtained the finish result.

(3) Competitors whose results reach the following standards

1. Participants who have registered for marathon events: Individual marathon completion results of "Class A1" events certified by Chinese Athletics Association during January 1, 2019 and July 1, 2021 (the results available on "China Marathon Information Platform" before the registration deadline shall be subject to)


2.Participants who have registered for Half Marathon: Their individual half-marathon finishing scores of the event certified as "Class A1" by Chinese Athletic Association before July 1, 2021 (the score data available on the "China Marathon Information Platform" before the registration deadline shall be subject to).


(4) Runners who participated in related activities previously organized by Harbin Marathon Organizing Committee and have obtained the race qualification (but must meet the registration requirements of this race).

(5) In 2020, medical personnel assisted by Heilongjiang Province in Hubei will be exempted from registration fees (in the form of payment first and repayment later).

VII. Registration process

Marathon, Half Marathon and Mini Marathon:

1.Log on the official website of Harbin Marathon (;

2.Read the Competition Rules, Registration Instructions, Declaration of Participation, Risk Remarks and Epidemic Prevention Requirements carefully;

3.Click "I want to sign up";

4.Click the corresponding item under the section, read and agree to the declaration of competition, risk warning and epidemic prevention requirements, registration instructions, fill in the registration materials and submit;

5.Pay the registration fee and wait for the lottery;

6.If successful, the registration is successful;If not, the registration fails and the registration fee will be refunded.

VIII. Important matters

(1) Once the participant confirms his/her registration, it is deemed that he/she has agreed to the "Declaration of Participation" and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control of the event, and the event and all personal information shall not be changed.

(2) It is illegal to transfer the entry qualification, bib number and chip to another person. All consequences arising from the competition shall be borne by the transferor and/or the transferee.

(3) All participants must fill in the personal information truthfully. The organizing committee will verify the authenticity of the information. If there is any falsification, the participant will be disqualified to participate in the Harbin Marathon 2021.

(4) If the COVID-19 risk index of the area where the participant is located increases from low risk to medium or high risk during the period from the successful registration to the start of the race day, the organizing committee will discouraging the participant and refund his/her registration fee.

IX. Requirements for epidemic prevention

(1) Basic requirements

1.Participants must have no travel or residence history outside China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) or in medium-risk and high-risk regions (including the cities where medium-risk and high-risk regions are located) within 28 days before the competition (i.e. after August 1, 2021).  

2. Participants need to apply for "Longjiang Health Code" or apply for "Health Code" through the "National Government Service Platform". Only with the green health code can they participate in the competition.

3. Contestants are not under intensive medical observation, home medical observation or home health management.

4. Contestants live with family members who also meet the conditions listed in 1, 2 and 3 above.

5. Competitors should, in principle, complete the whole course of COVID-19 vaccination before August 10. Competitors who have completed the whole course of vaccination should provide the certificate of completion of vaccination (electronic or paper version) when collecting their belongings.

6. For those who cannot complete the vaccination, a negative nucleic acid test report on paper should be submitted when receiving the goods.

7. Contestants are required to submit a negative nucleic acid test report on paper within 48 hours on the day of the claim report.

For example: When registering for collection on August 26, a negative nucleic acid test within 24-25 August should be provided.A negative nucleic acid test within 25 to 26 days of August should be provided when receiving the product on 27 August.Contestants are required to submit a negative report of nucleic acid test within 26-27 August when they register for the collection on August 28. Participants are required to take the nucleic acid test by themselves within the corresponding time.

8. The organizing committee will pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic according to the changes of the epidemic prevention and control and submit to the real-time adjustment of the prevention and control requirements of the organizing committee. If there is a major change of the epidemic situation before the race, the event may be postponed or canceled after evaluation.

Those who meet all the above conditions can only take part in the competition after being approved by the organizing committee. If any bad influence is caused by concealing or filling in false information, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualification of the participant and pursue relevant legal responsibilities according to law.

(2) Warm reminders

1. Actively cooperate with the organizing committee to complete the epidemic prevention and health inspection.

2. The organizing committee shall provide anti-epidemic supplies for participants at the site where the materials are collected, at the start and finish of the race and other relevant areas. Participants and related personnel shall wear masks correctly when entering the above areas.

3. On the day of the competition, the organizing committee will set up the test and "health code" inspection channel in the main venue and the gathering area.

4. If the participant has abnormal body temperature, he/she should cooperate with the epidemic prevention personnel or the relevant staff of the organizing committee for further examination;The Organizing Committee reserves the right to terminate the competition and refund the registration fee after the competition for any participant with abnormal health or non-green travel code.

5. Competitors are only allowed to enter the venue area with their bib number on the race day. Accompanying relatives are not allowed to enter.

6. Except during the competition, participants must wear masks correctly in the event area and follow the instructions of the staff.

7. The organizing committee will provide disposable masks for competitors in the finishing area. Please wear them correctly after receiving them.

8. Competitors shall follow the instructions of the staff, take good care of personal protection, and leave the main venue area as soon as possible without staying for a long time.

9. Participants should raise awareness of epidemic prevention during the race, avoid physical contact with other participants and keep a safe distance during the race.

10. Do not throw away discarded masks and garbage. Please place them in the area set by the organizing committee according to their classification.

XI.Sign up for consultation

Contact number: 0451-51160366


Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-11:30,13:30-17:00

Participants can follow the official website of the race ( for the information of participating in the Harbin Marathon 2021.

XI. Other Information

(1) The relevant information of competitors' materials receiving will be notified separately.

(2) The organizing committee does not allow competitors to pull banners, slogans or wear unofficial balloons during the competition. Please understand and cooperate with us.

XII. Harbin Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the right to explain the name and instructions of this newspaper. Anything not mentioned herein will be notified separately.

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