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Marathon is a high-intensity long-distance competitive sport and a high-risk competitive event, which has high requirements on the physical condition of participants. Participants should be in good health and have the basis of regular running exercise or training. Participants should carefully evaluate and choose the right event according to their physical condition and ability. And confirm the relevant provisions of the "Harbin Bank 2023 Harbin Marathon Participation Statement" of the event.

According to their physical condition and ability, participants can choose one of the three participating events of marathon (42.195km), half marathon (21.0975km) and mini run (about 5km) to register. If you are not fully aware of the risks of this sport, the Organizing committee does not recommend you register for the race. Please confirm that you have fully understood the risks of participating in the marathon and activities, and that you can complete the program, and that you have read and agreed to the "Harbin Bank 2023 Harbin Marathon Registration Instructions".

The Organizing Committee specially reminds and requires the runners to fully understand the following:

1. The situation of prohibited registration

The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that participants have the necessary physical examination within one month before the competition to determine whether they are fit for high-intensity sports competitions. Anyone with the following physical conditions is prohibited from registering for the competition, otherwise he/she shall bear all consequences and legal responsibilities:

(1) Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

(2) Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(3) patients with myocarditis and other heart diseases.

(4) Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia.

(5) Diabetic patients with high or low blood sugar.

(6) Pregnant women during pregnancy.

(7) Anyone who has caught a cold within two weeks before the competition day.

(8) Drinking alcohol or not getting enough sleep the night before the race.

(9) Those who have not recovered from infectious diseases.

(10) Those who are infected with COVID-19 or have any of the symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea, but do not seek medical treatment are excluded from COVID-19.

(11) People who are not fit for vigorous exercise within 30 days after recovery from the novel coronavirus infection, or those who are still in the recovery period from the novel coronavirus infection or who are not fit for vigorous exercise after the novel coronavirus infection.

(12) Patients with other diseases not suitable for exercise.

2. Possible risks of participating in sports

(1) In case of emergency, voluntarily accept any medical aid arranged by the Organizing committee. During the competition, if the contestant loses consciousness, the first aid personnel of the Organizing Committee will be automatically entrusted to take all means for first aid, including but not limited to CPR, AED external defibrillation, renting a vehicle or aircraft for rapid transport. The resulting legal liability and accompanying expenses shall be borne by the contestants themselves, and no legal or economic liability shall be pursued against the Organizing Committee first aid personnel who participate in the rescue.

(2) Any participant who has been confirmed by the Organizing Committee to be qualified (registered successfully) may not change the event. If the participant is unable to participate due to personal reasons, the race package will not be issued and the registration fee will not be refunded.

(3) The insurance purchased by the Organizing Committee is personal accident insurance. However, the adverse consequences caused by their own diseases and physical reasons do not belong to the accident insurance. For example, heat stroke, fainting and other situations are not covered by the personal accident insurance purchased by the Organizing Committee. Therefore, please sign up for the race carefully.

(4) The risks faced by runners in the race under the following conditions:

Endangering life and safety in the competition due to catching a cold within 15 days before the competition; Endangering life safety due to confusion and confusion caused by physical overdraft; Syncope caused by heatstroke due to high temperature, resulting in endangering life safety; Life threatening due to the failure of body organs in the competition due to lack of sleep and an empty stomach; Endangering life safety in the competition due to other diseases of one's own body.

Iii. Precautions during the competition

(A) When we run about 10-20 minutes will appear the first "uncomfortable" stage, called the "first limit state", which is a normal phenomenon in the human body. The treatment method is very simple, slow down the running speed to regulate breathing or walk for 2-3 minutes. When the "pain" is over, you can run again and feel more comfortable.

(2) Usually people who do not have marathon training run to about 30-35 kilometers will encounter the "physical limit" state in the human body, including muscle pain, joint pain, extremely strong fatigue, including the psychological production of giving up. If there is such a phenomenon and the state is best to give up the race, "clenching" may lead to life danger.  

(3) Breakfast on the day of the race should be appropriate, and mainly light, to avoid hypoglycemia during the race; Feel thirsty before departure should drink a small amount of water, do not drink more; Do not drink more than 200 ml of water at each drinking station.  

(4) Every marathon runner is best to run their own, do not compare with others, the pace can refer to the official pace.  

(5) When shooting in the race, for the safety of yourself and others, keep calm and avoid crowding and collision; When the shoelace is loose at the start or during the race, jog from the middle of the road to the side of the road, gradually slow down, stop and re-tie.  

(6) When abdominal pain occurs on the way, you should slow down and walk while taking deep breaths; If you feel dizzy on the way, you should stop running immediately and walk slowly for a while. If the situation improves, you should run again. Knee or ankle pain occurs on the way, should immediately slow down, run to walk, if the pain is still, please withdraw in time.

 7. When you are about to reach the finish line, please speed up carefully; After passing the finish line, you should walk slowly for at least 5 minutes before resting, and pay attention to wind protection and warmth, and appropriate supplement of carbohydrates.

(8) Carefully assess your physical condition at any time, marathon exercise has a certain risk, and may even lead to sudden death.

 Iv. Suggestions for medical security during the event

(1) Pre-competition physical examination: It is recommended that all participants have physical examination through secondary or above medical institutions before the competition, including electrocardiogram examination, heart color ultrasound examination, etc., to confirm that their physical condition can adapt to the competition.

(2) Reasonable diet and hydration: A few days before the competition should pay attention to a reasonable diet, do not overeat or overeat. On the day of the race, you should keep enough water intake, drink water at even intervals, and avoid going without water for a long time.

3. Jogging warm-up and stretching: Jogging warm-up helps to increase muscle temperature, raise heart rate and prevent injury. Proper muscle stretching before the race can effectively relieve muscle tension and fatigue.

(4) Pay attention to safety: special attention should be paid to safety during the competition. If you feel unwell, dizzy, vomiting, etc., you should stop the race immediately and seek medical attention.

(5) Recovery after the race: Proper relaxation and recovery should be carried out after the race, including light exercise, massage, etc. At the same time, pay attention to enough sleep and nutrition supplies to help the body recover and repair.

The above advice is for reference only, if you have special conditions and health problems, please consult a professional doctor before the competition.

5. Special reminder and Initiative

The Organizing Committee reminds all participants that all personal injuries and property losses caused by personal reasons during the competition shall be borne by the participants themselves. The Organizing committee recommends that all participants have a comprehensive physical examination (including electrocardiogram examination and heart color ultrasound examination) through secondary medical institutions within one month before the competition, and carefully evaluate their physical condition and ability level based on the medical examination report. Follow the rules of the competition, pay attention to medical advice and safety tips to ensure their own safety and health. If you experience any physical discomfort or fatigue during the race, stop the race immediately and seek medical attention.

The Organizing committee strongly recommends that the participants should be the first responsible person for their own health.


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