Risk warning

Bank of Harbin 2021 Harbin Marathon 

Risk warning and epidemic prevention requirements

Is a high strength long distance of a marathon athletic sports, is also a high-risk competitive projects, the contestants have higher demand to physical condition, the contestants should be healthy and have a regular running or training base, the contestants should according to their own physical condition and ability, choose the right item,Participants can choose one event from marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (21.0975 km) and mini marathon (about 5 km) according to their physical condition and ability.If you are not fully aware of the risks of the sport, the organizing committee does not recommend you to enter the competition.

Please confirm that you have fully understood the risks of participating in the marathon and the activities, that you have the ability to complete the project you have applied for, and that you have read and agree to the entire contents of the Instructions to Registration.

I. Possible risks

(1) In case of emergency, voluntarily accept any medical aid arranged by the organizing committee.In case of loss of consciousness during the race, the first aid personnel of the organizing committee will be automatically authorized to perform all means of first aid, including but not limited to CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), AED external defibrillation, and hire a vehicle or aircraft for rapid transport.The resulting legal liability and the accompanying costs shall be borne by the contestants themselves. The first aid personnel of the organizing committee shall not bear any legal and economic responsibilities.

(2) The competitors who have obtained the qualification confirmed by the organizing committee (the registration is successful) cannot change the entry events.If you are unable to participate in the competition due to personal reasons, you can contact the organizing committee to mail the entry package after the competition (the fee will be borne by yourself). The entry fee is non-refundable (except for the case of epidemic disease).

(3) The insurance purchased by the organizing committee is personal accident injury insurance.However, adverse consequences arising from one's own illness or physical condition are not covered by accident insurance. For example, heatstroke, fainting and other conditions are not covered by the personal accident insurance.Therefore, please carefully sign up for the race.

(4) is a high strength long distance of a marathon athletic sports, is also a high-risk competitive projects, have higher request for participants condition, participants should be healthy and have a regular running or training, the foundation of the contestants should according to their own physical condition and ability, choose the right item, confirm the relevant clauses of the entry statement.

The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that participants take necessary physical examination within one month before the competition to determine whether they are fit to participate in high-intensity sports competitions. Physical examination items mainly include but not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, heart, lung, liver and kidney functions, etc.

People with the following physical conditions are not allowed to participate in this competition:

1.Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases.

3.Myocarditis and other heart disease.

4.Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia.

5. Diabetes with too high or too low blood sugar.

6. Pregnant women.

7. Had a cold less than two weeks before the race.

8. Drinking heavily or not getting enough sleep the night before a game.

9. Not recovering from infectious diseases.

10. Other situations that are not suitable for exercise.

II. Participation in epidemic prevention and control

(1) Basic requirements

1. Participants must have no travel or residence history outside China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) or in medium-risk and high-risk regions (including the cities where medium-risk and high-risk regions are located) within 28 days before the competition (i.e. after August 1, 2021).  

2. Participants need to apply for "Longjiang Health Code" or apply for "Health Code" through the "National Government Service Platform". Only with the green health code can they participate in the competition.

3. Contestants are not under intensive medical observation, home medical observation or home health management.

4. Contestants live with family members who also meet the conditions listed in 1, 2 and 3 above.

5. Competitors should, in principle, complete the whole course of COVID-19 vaccination before August 10. Competitors who have completed the whole course of vaccination should provide the certificate of completion of vaccination (electronic or paper version) when collecting their belongings.

6. For those who cannot complete the vaccination, a negative nucleic acid test report on paper should be submitted when receiving the goods.

7. Contestants are required to submit a negative nucleic acid test report on paper within 48 hours on the day of the claim report.

For example: When registering for collection on August 26, a negative nucleic acid test within 24-25 August should be provided.A negative nucleic acid test within 25 to 26 days of August should be provided when receiving the product on 27 August.Contestants are required to submit a negative report of nucleic acid test within 26-27 August when they register for the collection on August 28. Participants are required to take the nucleic acid test by themselves within the corresponding time.

8. The organizing committee will pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic according to the changes of the epidemic prevention and control and submit to the real-time adjustment of the prevention and control requirements of the organizing committee. If there is a major change of the epidemic situation before the race, the event may be postponed or canceled after evaluation.

Those who meet all the above conditions can only take part in the competition after being approved by the organizing committee. If any bad influence is caused by concealing or filling in false information, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualification of the participant and pursue relevant legal responsibilities according to law.

(2) Warm reminders

1. Actively cooperate with the organizing committee to complete the epidemic prevention and health inspection.

2. The organizing committee shall provide anti-epidemic supplies for participants at the site where the materials are collected, at the start and finish of the race and other relevant areas. Participants and related personnel shall wear masks correctly when entering the above areas.

3. On the day of the competition, the organizing committee will set up the test and "health code" inspection channel in the main venue and the gathering area.

4. If the participant has abnormal body temperature, he/she should cooperate with the epidemic prevention personnel or the relevant staff of the organizing committee for further examination;The Organizing Committee reserves the right to terminate the competition and refund the entry fee after the competition if the participant has abnormal health condition or the travel code is not green code.

5. Competitors are only allowed to enter the venue area with their bib number on the race day. Accompanying relatives are not allowed to enter.

6. Except during the competition, participants must wear masks correctly in the event area and follow the instructions of the staff.

7. The organizing committee will provide disposable masks for competitors in the finishing area. Please wear them correctly after receiving them.

8. Competitors shall follow the instructions of the staff, take good care of personal protection, and leave the main venue area as soon as possible without staying for a long time.

9. Participants should raise awareness of epidemic prevention during the race, avoid physical contact with other participants and keep a safe distance during the race.

10. Do not throw away discarded masks and garbage. Please place them in the area set by the organizing committee according to their classification.

III. Matters needing attention in the competition

(1) When we run for about 10-20 minutes, we all have our first "discomfort" phase, called the "first limit state," which is a normal human phenomenon.The solution is very simple, slow down running to regulate breathing or walk for 2-3 minutes.When the "discomfort" is over and you run, you'll feel better.

(2) Usually, people without marathon training will encounter the state of "exercise physiological limit" in the human body when they run about 30-35 kilometers, including muscle pain, joint pain, strong sense of fatigue, including the psychological occurrence of giving up, etc.If there is this phenomenon and the state is best to abandon the game, "clenching teeth" may lead to life danger.

(3) The breakfast on the race day should be moderate and light to avoid hypoglycemia during the race;If you feel thirsty before starting out, drink a small amount of water, not too much.Don't drink more than 200 ml of water at each drinking station.

(4) Every marathon runner had better run his or her own marathon. Do not compare with others. In terms of pace, he or she can refer to the official pace runner.

(5) When firing the gun, keep calm and avoid crowding and collision for the safety of yourself and others;Jogg from the middle of the road to the side of the road when your shoelaces come loose at the start of the race or on the way, gradually slow down, stop and retie.

(6) If you have abdominal pain on the way, you should slow down and walk instead, while breathing deeply;If you feel dizzy on the way, you should stop running immediately and walk slowly for a period of time. If the situation improves, you can run again.If you feel pain in your knee or ankle during the race, you should immediately slow down and change from running to walking. If it still hurts, please quit the race in time.

(7) When you are about to reach the finish line, please speed up carefully;After passing the finish line, you should walk for 5 minutes before taking a rest, and pay attention to wind protection, keep warm, and properly supplement carbohydrates.

(8) Evaluate your physical condition carefully at any time. Marathon has certain risks and may even lead to sudden death.

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