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2019 Harbin International Marathon Race Introduction

Harbin International Marathon is hosted by Chinese Athletic Association, Sports Bureau of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Municipal People's Government;undertaken by Harbin Sports Bureau and Harbin Sports event Co., Ltd.affiliated to the Harbin City Construction And Investment Co., Ltd. ;and titled and sponsored by Harbin Bank Co., Ltd. It is the largest and most influential large-scale outdoor running sports event in Harbin and surrounding areas. In 2016 Marathon Annual Meeting of Chinese Athletic Association, Harbin International Marathon was rated as the bronze medal race (the highest honor for the first-held race) and was also awarded as “Special Race with the Most Beautiful Race Course”. 2017 the 2nd Harbin International Marathon made outstanding achievement, and was awarded with gold medal by Chinese Athletic Association, directly upgraded from bronze to gold medal.

Harbin Bank 2019 Harbin International Marathon will be held on August 25th (Sunday), and it consists of three race events, i.e. full marathon, half marathon, mini marathon . The total number of runners is expected to reach 30,000. By then, there will be domestic and foreign news media delivering real-time tracking reports of the race.

Harbin International Marathon has been held in accordance with the highest standard of athletics races set by Chinese Athletic Association, and the race has gained unanimous praise in many aspects, including race service, competition level, race course supply, race course atmosphere, etc., and it is recognized as “small Tokyo” by a vast number of runners. All the details presented in the race (e.g. the beautiful medal, generous supply and airport shuttle service) are full of sincerity, and no negative feedback was ever received for the past two Harbin International Marathon events. For this year's Harbin International Marathon, the Organizing Committee will follow higher standard and requirements to prepare for the race and strive for a new breakthrough to show the features of Harbin, and to make Harbin International Marathon a symbol of Harbin.

Race Time

Date: August 25th, 2019 (Sunday)

Starting & Finishing Point of the Race

Starting Point: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection)
Marathon Finishing Point: Harbin Sun Island Sun Stone Square;
Half Marathon Finishing Point: Harbin Century Avenue (Harbin Municipal Square);
Mini Marathon Finishing Point: ShangJiang Street (near Lilac Park);

Race Highlights

This year, we introduced the concept of "Harbin International Marathon+" for the first time, hoping that the event will be a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, promote city brand, carry forward city spirit, promote economic development and advocate national fitness.

1. " Harbin International Marathon + Exhibition". This year, we have constructed a new competition pattern of "Marathon + Marathon Forum + Marathon Expo". This year marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of Harbin Institute of Technology, of which High-end alumni will hold a marathon forum and form a 1000-person running group to participate in Harbin International Marathon. At the same time, this year we will hold the first "Marathon Expo" in Harbin, which will be held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center three days before the event. Runners can pick up racing materials at the site of the expo, and also participate in relevant interactive activities to learn about and buy sporting goods and local characteristic products, and learn about cultural tourism products of the ice city, so as to promote the development of sports economy.

2. "Harbin International Marathon + Culture". The design of Harbin International Marathon Raceway fully reflects the continental style of Harbin, which makes competitors and visitors from China and foreign countries feel the unique charm of "the critical point of Chinese and Western culture" as Mr. Hu Shi said. On both sides of the Harbin International Marathon Raceway, there will be more than 30 wonderful performances of Harbin characteristic culture, fully displaying the cultural background of Harbin "music city". We hope that through the holding of the Harbin International Marathon Race, the world will understand that Harbin is a city of sports, vitality, fashion and style through the hosting of this event , so that people can fully experience the cultural heritage and urban spirit of Harbin.

3. "Harbin International Marathon + Service". Harbin International Marathon's service has been praised by runners. Whether the track supply or post-race recovery, all reflect the hospitality of Harbin people. This year, we have upgraded our service system. Stretch area and foot soak area with cold water will be set up at the finishing point of full marathon and half marathon. A lot of volunteers will provide acid row service for runners to help them recover quickly after the race. Airport transportation service and high speed rail station guide service will be provided during package pick up period. We hope that through meticulous service, the runners and tourists at home and abroad will feel the humanistic care of Harbin and the open and inclusive city character of Harbin.

4. "Harbin International Marathon + Festival". Harbin International Marathon has passed the declaration audit of CCTV5 live broadcast this year, and was selected to the 2019 "Run China" Marathon Series with "Beijing Marathon" and "Shanghai Marathon". Through CCTV live broadcast of hundreds of millions of people running and participating in the marathon, the event will focus on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, with the theme of "patriotism, fighter", and create high-quality, influential national-level boutique activities.

Therefore, with the theme of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, we have carried out a variety of festive activities for the 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China, creating a festive atmosphere in the city. We will launch the "Harbin International Marathon Sports Season" campaign, with urban jogging as the first stop, and hold a series of running activities in five districts and counties of Harbin, to carry out national fitness activities in a form that is popular with the masses. We will also carry out training camp before the race, Domestic famous athletes will be invited as training camp instructors to provide runners with professional running guide and advice.

Except for the above mentioned wonderful race highlights, the Organizing Committee will also carry out Harbin International Marathon Couple’s wedding dress run, solicit advertorial contributions of team, mobile phone photography competition, race review collection and many other theme activities to enrich the atmosphere of the race course, add more elements into Harbin International Marathon and improve the experience of runners.

Ⅳ. Event scale:

The scale of the race event is 30,000 runners

Ⅴ. Race Events

(1) Full marathon (42.195 KM), 10,000 people

(2) Half marathon (21.0975 KM), 10,000 people

(3) Mini-marathon (about 5 KM), 10,000 people

Ⅵ. Marathon route

(1) Full Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → LiJiang Road → QunLi Avenue → Yan Ming Tan Bridge → Yang Ming Tan Bridge Eastern By Pass Road → ChuangXin Road 1 → KeJi Street 1 → ShiMao Avenue → KeJi Street 2 → ChuangXin Road 1 → KeJi Street 4 → JiangWan Road → BinShui Avenue → Harbin Grand Theatre → BinShui Avenue → Song Bei Avenue → Sun Avenue → Moon Bay TV City → Finishing Point (Sun Island Sun Stone Square).

(2) Half Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → LiJiang Road → QunLi Avenue → Yan Ming Tan Bridge → Yang Ming Tan Bridge Eastern By Pass Road → Century Avenue → TianXiang Street → TianXiang Street Turn-back → Century Avenue → Finishing Point (Harbin Municipal Square).

(3) Mini Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → ShangJiang Street → Finishing Point (ShangJiang Street, near Lilac Park).

 Harbin International Marathon Organizing Committee

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