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Rules & Regulations

Harbin Bank 2019 Harbin International Marathon Race Competition Rules

I. Organizers

Chinese Athletic Association

Sports Bureau of Heilongjiang Province

Harbin Municipal People's Government

II. Undertaker

Harbin Sports Bureau

Harbin City Construction And InvestmentCo.; Ltd.

III. Operating Units

Sports Events Co., Ltd. affiliated to Harbin City Construction And Investment Co.; Ltd.

IV. Date and Place of Competition

Harbin, August 25, 2019 (Sunday)

V. Race Time

7:30 a.m.

VI. Race Events

(1) Full marathon (42.195 KM), 10,000 people

(2) Half marathon (21.0975 KM), 10,000 people

(3) Mini-marathon (about 5 KM), 10,000 people

Ⅶ. The Route of the Race Course

Marathon Starting Point: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection), Finishing Point: Harbin Sun Island Sun Stone Square;

Half Marathon Starting Point: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection), Finishing Point: Harbin Century Avenue (Harbin Municipal Square);

Mini Marathon Starting Point: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection), Finishing Point: ShangJiang Street (near Lilac Park);

Details of the race route are as follows:

Full Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → LiJiang Road → QunLi Avenue → Yan Ming Tan Bridge → Yang Ming Tan Bridge East Side Auxiliary Road → ChuangXin Road 1 → KeJi Street 1 → ShiMao Avenue → KeJi Street 2 → ChuangXin Road 1 → KeJi Street 4 → JiangWan Road → BinShui Avenue → Harbin Grand Theatre → BinShui Avenue → Song Bei Avenue → Sun Avenue → Moon Bay TV City → Finishing Point (Sun Island Sun Stone Square).

Half Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → LiJiang Road → QunLi Avenue → Yan Ming Tan Bridge → Yang Ming Tan Bridge East Side Auxiliary Road  → Century Avenue → TianXiang Street → TianXiang Street Turn-back → Century Avenue → Finishing Point (Harbin Municipal Square).

Mini Marathon: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection) → West YouYi Road → ShangJiang Street → Finishing Point (ShangJiang Street, near Lilac Park).

VIII. Enrollment Procedures

(1) Preregistration Schedule: July 9th, 2019, 09:00 - July 18, 2019, 22:00; Applicants can only participate in draw lots after the completion of preregistration and online payment of the registration fee.

(2) Draw Lots results will be published on: July 30, 2019, 14:00; the registration of the applicants is successful upon the applicants are selected from draw lots. The registration fee of the selected applicants will not be reimbursed. The selected applicants shall participate in the race by themselves and their quotas of participating in the race shall not be transferred. The payment made by non-selected applicants will be reimbursed to the original payment account within 15 days after the draw lots result is published.

(3) Registration Fee (RMB)

(4) For Detailed enrolment procedures please refer to the “Registration Notice”;

(5) The OC reserves the right to accept or reject each registration application based on the enrollment status.

Ⅸ. Registration Requirement

(1) Age Requirements of Participants

1. Full Marathon participants shall be over 20 years old (born on or before December 31st, 1999);

2. Half Marathon participants shall be over 16 years old (born on or before December 31st, 2003);

3. Mini Marathon participants shall be over10years old (born on or before December 31st, 2009);

4. Competitors under the age of 18 should participate only with the consent of their guardians.

(2) Physical Requirements

Marathon is an athletic sporting activity of high load and great intensity over long distance, as well as an athletic sport with high risk. It has high demands on participants’ physical conditions. The participants should be healthy, have the basis of long-term running exercise or complete the training or competition of more than half marathon distance. Those who have any of the following diseases is not recommended to participate in Harbin International Marathon:

1. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cranial vascular disease.

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases.

4. Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat.

5. Diabetes mellitus with high or low blood glucose.

6. Pregnancy.

7. Having cold symptoms within two weeks prior to the race.

8.Dunk within one week before the competition.

9.Other illness that is not suitable for sports.

(3) Processing the registration procedures according to the “Registration Notice”;

Ⅹ. Rules and Regulations

(1) The race will follow the latest track-and-field race rules published by the China Athletics Association (CAA) and the rules of competition for this event, and the athletes will be tested for doping.

(2) The competition number of athletes shall be uniformly issued by the organizing committee. All participants should fix the number bib (large) in front of them. If the number bib is not worn, folded or covered according to the regulations, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their record. If participants do not wear the chip according to the regulations, the result will be cancelled.

(3) According to the competition events and the number bib, Participants must arrive at designated roll-call area for each race event at 6:00 a.m. on August 25, waiting the pistol shot at 7:30 that will start the race.

(4) In this competition, all participants will start at the same time upon the signal of starting gun.

(5) Both Full and Half Marathon participants will be provided with a disposable timing chip by the OC. The participants must wear the timing chip uniformly. The organizing committee will not be responsible for the failure to record the results due to the failure of participants to wear timing chips correctly.

(6) The competition site provides clothing storage services for participants in full marathon/half marathon events. A small number bib with the same number as my entry number must be inserted into the pocket, which is stored into a corresponding car at the starting point before 7:00 on the race day. After the race, please come to the corresponding clothes storage car to get your clothes within 1 hour after the cut-off time of each termina, according to the large number bib. If it is not received beyond the time of collection, please collect it at the designated place within 5 working days after the competition. If it is out of date, the organizing committee will be treated as unacceptable. Please do not store valuables (such as valid documents, mobile phones, cash, watches, keys, other electronic products, etc.), inflammable, explosive and prohibited items in bags. In case of damage, loss or safety accidents, the participants shall bear the responsibility.

(7) Beverage Station, Drinking Water/Sponging Station, From the starting point, one beverage station shall be set up at intervals of 5 km (providing functional drinks), and a drinking water/water station shall be set up between the two beverage stations.

(8)Energy Refreshment Station, Sprinkler and Spray Station, Power supply stations will be set up at 7.5 km, 12.5 km, 17.5 km, 22.5 km, 27.5 km, 32.5 km and 37.5 km.

(9) Cut-off distance and time

To ensure the safety of the participants and a secure and smooth running flow, traffic closing time will be set for each section of the race route during the race. After the cut-off time, the respective checkpoint will be re-open to the traffic. The participants who fail to pass through the check point before the cut-off time shall quit the race and retreat from the race course to avoid possible dangers. The participants who have quitted the race shall be transported by buses to the finishing point.

Cut-off time is calculated by natural time:

Note: Under special circumstances, the OC reserves the right to shut down the race course ahead of the cut-off Time. All participants shall follow the arrangement made by the OC.

(10)Wheelchair racers are banned from this race event

(11) Please refer to the Runner's Guide for specific requirements and arrangements (issued simultaneously with the equipment for the competition).

Ⅺ. Prizes / Awards

(1) Award setting

1.  Marathon ranking award (Dollar)

Note: The performance of male marathon champions must be less than 2:09:30, while those of female marathon champions must be less than 2:26:00. If the champion's performance fails to meet the above criteria, the bonus will be reduced by 50%.

 Special Award for Chinese Athletes (RMB)

2. Half Marathon Ranking Award (RMB)

Note: The score of all awarded participants of full marathon and half marathon events will be posted on official website for 10 days, and the prize money will be distributed after doping tests result is released and no doubt for the announcement. If a participant fails in the doping test, his/her ranking and prize money will be cancelled. All subsequent ranking remains unchanged.

3. Mini-marathon events do not record performance and rankings.

(2) All the above prize money shall be imposed a 20% individual income tax according to the Individual Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China. Chinese athletes are awarded the same amount of RMB.

(3) Those who have completed the full marathon in 6 hours and 15 minutes and those who have completed the half marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes will be issued medals. The timescore certificate will be downloaded on the official website 10 days after the publication of the online results. The time limit for downloading the timescore certificate is 90 days, and the timescore can be inquired 24 hours after the race.

(4) If participants have any objection to the results, they should appeal to the Organizing Committee within five working days after the race and provide authentic and valid evidence.

Ⅻ. Penalty

The OC will set up video surveillance at the starting point, the key points of the race course and the finishing point. One of the following problems will arise during the competition. The organizing committee shall, depending on the seriousness of the situation, give the participants the penalties of canceling the results of the Harbin International Marathon, suspending the race for two years and suspending the race for life, and submit them to the China Track and Field Association for additional punishment:

1. Misrepresentation of age or identity in the registration application.

2. A competitor carries more than 2 sensor timing chips (including male participant carrying sensor timing chips of the female participant).

3. Relay the way to finish the race.

4. Not following the starting sequence and start at non-designated area.

5. Violate the rules at the start of the race.

6. Continue to race after cut-off time or re-enter the course after dropping out of the race.

7. Fail to race along the race course, take shortcut or take alternate transportation.

8. Unable to complete the race event but palm off the finish line for finisher goods and medals.

9. Use forged number bib or use number bibs from other race events or the previous Harbin International Marathon race events to receive finisher goods or medals distributed at the finishing area.

10. Unauthorized number bib alteration, blocking entry of a certain number bib

11. Transfer number bib and chips.

12. Disobey the OC staffs’ instruction, interfere with the race order, rioting, fighting and brawling.

13. Other behaviors in violation of the provisions of the rules.

Consequences and liabilities arising from enrollment with misrepresentation or run by impostors shall be borne by the participant himself/herself.

XIII. Competition insurance and medical aid

(1) The Organizing Committee will insure all participants and staffs with Personal Accident Insurance during the race. If the OC cannot purchase valid insurance for participants due to incomplete or untruthful information provided by the participants during the enrollment procedure, the participant shall bear the full liability or consequence himself or herself.

(2) The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall set up a fixed medical point at the starting, finishing and along the way, marked by the first 50 meters of the medical point; an ambulance shall follow the entrant's running route; volunteers and staff shall be arranged at the fixed medical point and water station to assist in medical rescue and maintain the order of the competition, and the participants may seek help at any time if necessary.

Special Notice:

1.The insurance policy purchased by the OC is Personal Accident Insurance. Any adverse consequence arisen from participants’ own illness and physical conditions such as heatstroke, fainting, etc. will not fall within the scope of Personal Accident Insurance coverage. Therefore, please register carefully.

2. The Organizing Committee provides free medical treatment with on-site first aid during the competition. The participants confirmed by the Organizing Committee shall apply for compensation from the insurer after settlement with the hospital. The insurer shall make compensation within the scope and limit of the insurance policy.

3. The runners shall be liable for their personal injury or death caused by doping or taking other illegal drugs.

4. To protect the safety of the runners, the referees and staffs authorized by the OC shall have the right to stop certain runners who suffer from discomfort and obviously cannot continue the race from running.

XIV. Contact address

Address: No. 67, ChuangXin Road 3, Songbei District, Harbin (Office of HM Organizing Committee)

Tel: 0451-51160366 (Working Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:30)

Post Code: 150000

Email: hrbmlsbm@163.com

Harbin International Marathon official website: www.hrb-marathon.cn

XV. Further notices may be publicized later for the matters not covered herein.

XVI. Harbin International Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret these rules and regulations.

 Harbin International Marathon Organizing Committee

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