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2019 Harbin International Marathon Collection Guide

I. Time and place of consignment

1. Date of consignment: 22, 23 and 24 August 2019

2. Collection time:

Thursday, August 22th,09:30-19:00

Friday, August 23th, 09:30-19:00

Saturday, August 24th,09:30-21:00

3. Location of consulate: Hall C of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center (Changjiang Road Entrance)

4. Passage bus:

Route 26, 201, 203, 209, 51, 602, 71, 74, 76, 8, 90, 91 and Airport Bus Line 2. (The organizing committee provides free bus, subway and shuttle buses, please pay attention to the WeChat Official Account)

5. Planning of the route of the consular site

II. Competition Goods to be Received

Note: All marathon and half marathon performance certificates need to be downloaded and printed on the official website of Harbin International Marathon(The Organizing Committee only provides electronic version).

III. Leading Logistics Process

1. Collect in person: Please prepare the original valid identity document in accordance with the registration(Second Generation Identity Card, Passport, Hong Kong and Macao Residents'Pass to and from the Mainland, etc.).

2.Collect by others: Please prepare a copy of the valid identity card of the recipient (contestant) and a "Certificate of Authorization for Receivables" (see annex) signed by the contestant himself. The recipient holds the original and a copy of the valid identity card.

3. Authentication: Arrive at the site of Harbin International Marathon Expo in 2019. After the first step of authentication is passed, you will get the "Receipt Ticket".

4. Receiving Number Book & Chip: Submit the "Receipt Ticket" according to the information of the Receipt Ticket to the corresponding project area and the window of the number section. After verifying personal information, the service personnel will issue the Number Book and Chip, and make the Received Mark on the Receipt List.

5. Receiving clothes & competition bags, etc. The contestants go to the clothes and competition bags collection window with the receipt ticket, collect the competition items, read the competition Declaration on the receipt ticket and sign it, and the service personnel reclaim the receipt ticket.  

IV.Important tips

1. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the person who has not provided the original identity card or the "Certificate of Authorization for Receipts" signed by the participant himself for on-site consignment.

2. Be sure to collect the goods at the designated time and place. The Organizing Committee shall have the right to refuse and consider the participants who fail to receive the competition items within the prescribed time as having voluntarily renounced their eligibility for the competition.

3. Considering that the last day of the past year is dense, it is suggested that the participants should try their best to be on August 22th-August23 th.

4. To avoid unnecessary queuing, be sure to prepare all relevant information in advance(25 August).

5. No consular service will be provided on the day of the event.

6. The "Certificate of Accreditation" should be downloaded and printed by clicking on the "Certificate of Accreditation" on the front page of the official website of Harbin International Marathon - Special Events - Notice of Accreditation. 


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