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Bank of Harbin 2019 Harbin international marathon prize money announcement
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Harbin bank 2019 Harbin international marathon winning athletes' performance publicity period has expired, and we hereby issue the following announcement:

Online collection:

Please send the scanned copy of your id card (passport), front and back, and the information collection form of 2019 Harbin international marathon bonus payment to the mailbox of the organizing committee after completing the form. This form can only be submitted once by each person, so that the organizing committee can verify and register the information carefully.

The deadline for information collection is October 15, 2019. After the information is checked by the organizing committee, the bonus will be paid successively on October 7, 2019 solstice, October 18, 2019. All runners are expected to know the detailed rules of bonus collection.

Note: the prize money for the top 3 men and women in the full marathon will not be paid until the doping test results are issued.

Telephone number: 0451-51160366 (working hours: 8:30-11:30 PM Monday to Friday: 13:30-17:00)

Annex : bank of Harbin 2019 Harbin international marathon bonus payment information collection form.docx


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