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Harbin Bank 2021 Harbin Marathon Competition rules
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I.Technical certification units

Chinese Athletic Association

II. Sponsor

Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau, Harbin Municipal People's Government

III. Organizer

Harbin Sports Bureau, Harbin City Construction Investment Group Co. Ltd

IV. Operating Unit

Harbin Chengtou Sports Development Co. Ltd

V. Time and place of competition

7:30 a.m., August 29, 2021 (Sunday) Harbin

VI. Events

(1) Marathon (42.195 km) 10,000 people

(2) Half Marathon (21.0975 km) 10,000 people

(3) Mini-marathon (about 5 km) 10,000 people

VII.Starting and finishing points

Starting point (3 projects) : Harbin Music Park Music Corridor.

Marathon finish: Sun Island Sun Stone Square.

Half Marathon Finish: Century Avenue (City Hall Square).

Finishing point: Qunli Music Theme Square (Qunli Museum of Harbin Music).

VIII. Race route

(1) Marathon route

(starting point) in Harbin music music park promenade, friendship road, (left) jiang lang road, turn right () we road, bridge, Yang Ming beach (right turn to return) auspicious annan street, turn right () innovation, all the way (right) technology, (left) shimao avenue, a street (left) two street, turn right () the innovation of science and technology, all the way (left) technology four street, riverside avenue (right), (Turn back) Binshui Avenue, (turn left) Qianjin Road, Tianyuan 2nd Road, (turn right) Binshui Avenue, (turn right) Songbei Road, (turn right) Bingfeng Road, (turn left) U-turn road of Songhua River Highway Bridge, (turn right) Sun Avenue, Sun Stone Square of Sun Island (end point).

(2) Half Marathon Route

Harbin music music park promenade, friendship road, (left) jiang lang road, turn right () we road, bridge, Yang Ming beach (right turn to return) auspicious annan street, turn right () innovation, all the way (right) technology, (left) shimao avenue, a street (left) science and technology street, riverside avenue (left), (left) tianxiang street, turn right () century avenue (turn back), municipal Square (terminal).

(3) Mini-marathon route

Harbin Music Park Music Corridor, Youyi West Road, (turn right) Yangmingtan Avenue, (turn right) Harbin Bank Puhui Road, Harbin Music Museum (end point).

IX. Registration method

(1) Forecast time: 10:00 on July 23, 2021 -- 22:00 on July 29, 2021;To participate in the lottery, applicants must pass the registration and pay the fee.

(2) Announcement of the result of the lottery: mid-August 2021.Successful applicants will be successful, and the registration fee will not be refunded. The quota can only be entered by themselves and is not allowed to be transferred.For unsuccessful applicants, the registration fee will be refunded according to the original payment method within 15 working days after the announcement of the lottery result.

(3) Registration fee:

1. Chinese players

Marathon event 150 yuan/person.

Half Marathon 120 RMB/person.

Mini Marathon 80 RMB/person.

2. Foreign players

Marathon event: RMB320 / person (or USD 50 / person).

Half Marathon is 260 RMB/person (or 40USD/ person).

Mini Marathon is 160 RMB/person (or 25USD/ person).

Participants who have been confirmed by the organizing committee (successful registration) are not allowed to change their entries.If you are unable to participate in the competition due to personal reasons, you can contact the organizing committee to mail the entry package after the competition (the fee will be borne by yourself). The entry fee is non-refundable (except for the case of epidemic disease).

(4) Please refer to Registration Instructions for Harbin Marathon 2021 for details.

X. Methods of Participation

(1) Age requirements of contestants

1. Marathon participants must be over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2001).

2. Half Marathon participants must be over 16 years old (born before December 31, 2005).

3. There is no age requirement for participants in the mini marathon.Participants under 16 years of age (born before December 31, 2005) and over 65 years of age (born after December 31, 1956) must obtain the consent of their guardian or legal representative or immediate family members and sign a disclaimer before entering the competition.You must be accompanied by a guardian or legal representative or immediate family member.

(2) Contestants' physical condition requirements

Is a high strength long distance of a marathon athletic sports, is also a high-risk competitive projects, have higher request for participants condition, participants should be healthy and have a regular running or training, the foundation of the contestants should according to their own physical condition and ability, choose the right item, confirm the relevant clauses of the entry statement.

The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that participants take necessary physical examination within one month before the competition to determine whether they are fit to participate in high-intensity sports competitions. Physical examination items mainly include but not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, heart, lung, liver and kidney functions, etc.

People with the following physical conditions are not allowed to participate in this competition:

1.Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases.

Myocarditis and other heart disease.

Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia.

5. Diabetes with too high or too low blood sugar.

6. Pregnant women.

7. Had a cold less than two weeks before the race.

8. Drinking heavily or not getting enough sleep the night before a game.

9. Not recovering from infectious diseases.

10. Other situations that are not suitable for exercise.

(3) requirements for epidemic prevention

All participants must first meet the epidemic prevention and control requirements in the Registration Instructions for Harbin Marathon 2021, please refer to the Registration Instructions for Harbin Marathon 2021.

XI. Competition Method

(1) It shall be implemented in accordance with the latest world track and field competition rules and regulations of this marathon as approved by Chinese Athletic Association.

(2) The number bibs of the competitors will be woven and distributed by the organizing committee.The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the result of any participant who fails to wear, fold or cover the bib number.Those who do not wear the chip according to the regulations, and the result is not recorded at the timing point, will be cancelled.

(3) the contestant must wear his number cloth and timing chip, 150 minutes before the game to register at the designated area, and according to the application performance (for registration in China marathon information platform released on May 1, 2021 best marathon project as a basis) partition into the designated area to gather and maintain interpersonal interval of 1 m,Stop recording 10 minutes before firing.

(4) According to the invitation of the organizing committee, the runners will be divided into starting area, marathon A area, marathon B area, half marathon C area, half marathon D area, mini marathon E area and mini marathon F area.

(5) Start with a split gun.If a runner fails to start, he/she will not be stopped and will be disqualified by the referee.

(6) The Organizing Committee provides the timing service of disposable induction chip for marathon and half marathon participants. Participants must wear the timing chip of disposable induction chip. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the failure to record the results due to the participant's failure to wear the timing chip correctly.

(7) The participants of Marathon and Half Marathon will be provided with clothing and clothing storage service at the race site.A small bib corresponding to your race number must be inserted into the storage bag and deposited in the corresponding starting point storage car before 7:10 on the race day.After the race, you can pick it up with large number cloth at the corresponding clothing storage car within 1 hour after the closing time of each finishing line.If you do not collect after the claim time, please come to the place designated by the organizing committee within 5 days after the race. If you do not collect after the claim time, the organizing committee will deal with it as no claim (if you need to mail it, the cost incurred will be borne by yourself).Please do not store valuables (such as valid credentials, mobile phones, cash, watches, keys, other electronic products, etc.), flammable, explosive and prohibited items in the bag. Participants shall be responsible for any damage, loss or safety accident.The mini-marathon does not provide access to clothing.

(8) Beverage and drinking stations

Starting from the starting point, a beverage station (providing energy drinks) will be set every 5 km apart, and drinking/water stations will be set between the two beverage stations.

(9) Energy supply station

Energy replenishment stations will be set up at 7.5 km, 12.5 km, 17.5 km, 22.5 km, 27.5 km, 32.5 km and 37.5 km.

(10) the closing distance and time

In order to ensure a safe and smooth race, each section of the race route will be closed for a limited time.After the closing time, all sections of the road to resume normal traffic.Within the prescribed closing time, those who do not finish the corresponding distance must immediately stop the race and exit the course to avoid any danger.Participants who quit can take the bus provided by the organizing committee to the end of the corresponding event.

Closing time is based on natural time:


Note: In case of special circumstances, the organizing committee has the right to decide to close the door in advance. Participants should obey the unified arrangement of the organizing committee.

(10) Competitive items

1. Three days before the race, the participants shall, according to the requirements announced on the official website of Harbin Marathon, go to the designated place to collect the race items such as the race number bib and timing chip with the valid credentials they used during the registration within the specified time. They are not allowed to collect the race items on their own.

2. All participants must meet the epidemic prevention and control requirements set by the organizing committee when collecting the items. The organizing committee has the right to dynamically adjust the epidemic prevention and control policies and measures according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.

3. The organizing committee reserves the right not to distribute the competition materials or refund the registration fee to the unqualified contestants.

(11) Timing method

1. The organizing committee provides induction timing service for all participants in the marathon and half marathon, but does not provide timing service for mini-marathon.

2. The organizing committee will set timing induction belts (zones) at the starting point (including before the marathon runners' assembly area, before the half marathon runners' assembly area), every 5km, 21.0975km, return point and finish point (marathon finish point, half marathon finish point).In the process of running, the runner must pass all the ground timing sensor belts (zones). If the record of any timing point is missing, or the error of two timing chips in the sensor belts is less than 0.1 seconds, the result of the runner will be cancelled.

3. The organizing committee will provide both gunshot timing and net timing results after the competition.

4. The timing chip is a one-time timing chip, no deposit is charged, and will be issued with the bib number before the race.

(12) Wheelchair racers are not allowed to participate in this event.

(13) The athletes will be tested for doping in accordance with relevant regulations.

(14) For other specific requirements and arrangements, please refer to the Official Handbook of the Competition.

XII. Reward Methods

(1) Award setting

1. Marathon Place Prize (USD)

The men's and women's first to eighth finishers in the marathon receive the prize money listed in the table below (the top eight are based on gunshots and the rest are based on net timing).


Note: The time of the men's marathon winner must be within 2:09:30 and the time of the women's marathon winner must be within 2:26:00.If the champion does not meet the above standards, the prize money will be reduced by 50%.

2. Prize for placing in Half Marathon (RMB)

The men's and women's first and eighth places in the Half Marathon will receive the prize money listed in the table below (based on the net time score).


Note: The results of all the winners of marathon and half marathon will be published on the official website of the event for 10 days, and the bonus will be issued after the announcement of no objection and the confirmation of no doping problem.If there is any problem in the doping test, the ranking and bonus will be cancelled, and the subsequent ranking will not be increased.

3. No score or ranking is allowed for the mini marathon.

(2) All the above bonuses will be subject to 20% personal income tax according to the Individual Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China.Chinese players who win the above prizes will be given RMB equivalent value (based on the exchange rate on the actual day of bonus payment).

(3) Those who finish the marathon within 6 hours and 15 minutes or the half marathon within 3 hours and 15 minutes will be given the finishing medal. The result certificate can be downloaded from the official website of the race. The validity period for downloading the result certificate is 90 days.

(4) If the participant has any objection to the result, please appeal to the organizing committee within 5 working days after the end of the competition, and provide true and valid evidence.

(5) The top three male and female marathon and half marathon winners must attend the on-site award presentation and wear the uniform equipment provided by the organizing committee.

XIII. Punishment Measures

The organizing committee will conduct video monitoring of the starting point, route and finish line. In case of any of the following problems during the race, the organizing committee will give the competitors the penalty of cancellation of the race result of Harbin Marathon, two-year or lifetime ban according to the seriousness of the case, and report to the Chinese Athletic Association for additional punishment:

1. Sign up with a false age or identity;

2. One competitor carries more than 2 chips (including 2 chips) at the same time to participate in the competition (including male competitor carrying female competitor's chips);

3. Finish the race in relay mode;

4. Don't follow the prescribed starting order and start in the non-designated area;

5. Violation of starting rules;

6. Don't listen to dissuasion or stop the race after the closing time or enter the race after quitting the race;

7. Fail to follow the prescribed route, take a shortcut or use a vehicle;

8. Passing the finish line repeatedly without following the regulations, or passing the finish line without finishing the whole course to claim finishing goods and finishing MEDALS;

9. Forging bib numbers, using bib numbers of other races or previous Harbin Marathon, passing the finish line without bib numbers or using chips other than those of this race to collect finishing items and finishing MEDALS;

10. Altering or blocking the bib number without permission;

11. Transfer bib number and chip;

12. Disobeying the instructions of the competition staff, interfering with the competition, gathering crowds to make trouble or fight;

13. Other behaviors in violation of the Rules.

Those who use false information to obtain the qualification, transfer the number bib to others after registration and those who are not qualified to participate in the competition shall be responsible for all the consequences arising therefrom.

XIV.Medical aid

(1) The organizing committee will set up fixed medical stations at the starting point, along the track and at the end.There are obvious signs 50 meters before the medical site;Along the runners running into the route, there are ambulance to follow;The Organizing Committee will arrange volunteers and staff at fixed medical stations and water stations to assist with medical aid and maintain the order of the race. Participants can call for help at any time if they have any problems.

(2) The organizing committee will set up mobile AED medical rescue service along the track.

(3) The organizing committee will arrange first-aid volunteers along the course to assist in medical aid and maintain the race order. Participants can ask them for help at any time.

(4) If the racer loses consciousness during the race, the first aid personnel of the organizing committee will be automatically authorized to give first aid by all means, including but not limited to CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), AED external defibrillation, and hire a vehicle or aircraft for rapid transport.The resulting legal liability and the accompanying costs shall be borne by the contestants themselves. The first aid personnel of the organizing committee shall not bear any legal and economic responsibilities.

(5) In order to ensure the life safety of the competitors, the referee, first aid personnel and working staff authorized by the organizing committee have the right to terminate the race if the competitors are obviously unable to continue the race.

XV. Competition insurance

(1) The organizing committee will purchase personal accident insurance for all participants and staff during the competition. If the insurance cannot be purchased or the insurance is invalid due to incomplete or inaccurate registration information of participants, the participants shall bear the responsibility.

(2) The insurance purchased by the organizing committee is personal accident injury insurance.However, adverse consequences caused by diseases or physical reasons are not covered by the accident insurance. For example, heatstroke, faint and other conditions are not covered by the personal accident insurance purchased by the organizing committee. Please be careful to register for the competition.

(3) The Organizing Committee will provide free on-site first-aid medical treatment during the competition. The expenses incurred in hospital treatment and other related expenses confirmed by the Organizing Committee shall be settled by the competitors and the hospital to the insurer, and the insurer shall indemnify within the scope and limit of the insurance policy.

(4) The competitors shall bear the responsibility for personal injury or death caused by doping or other prohibited drugs during the competition.

XVI.Technical officials and referees

The Chinese Athletics Association, Heilongjiang Athletics Association and Harbin Sports Bureau are responsible for the selection.

XVII. Contact address

Address: No. 67, Chuangxin 3rd Road, Songbei District, Harbin

Contact number: 0451-51160366

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-11:30,13:30-17:00

Contact: hrbmlsbm@163.com

Official website: www.hrb-marathon.chinarun.com

XVIII. The right of interpretation of this regulation belongs to Harbin Marathon Organizing Committee. Anything not mentioned herein will be notified separately.

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