Welcome to Harbin Marathon
Summer Capital in Ice City

2019 Harbin International Marathon Race Introduction

Harbin  is a shining peal in the North area upon Songhua river which has her unique style. Winter is the longest and most characteristic season here, snow flake drifting leisurely and the icy frozen river is laying horizontally. In Summer time, Harbin shows her unique charm; the trees shade the beautiful and colorful European architectural style buildings. Strolling along the street to the Songhua river could enjoying the cool fresh river breeze; also trees make a beautiful shade in Sun Island. Riding a bike or driving by yourself to Volga Manor could enjoy the sight of the marvelous Russian architecture and have a good experience of gardening; also you could appreciate the authentic Russian folk songs and cultural dance

Harbin, Sports City

Harbin has excellent sports tradition and a broad mass base, in which almost every Harbin person has sports gene in his blood. Harbin is a sports city filled with national fitness atmosphere in the streets and alleys, which is running fast towards becoming a world’s leading sports city. Through continuous construction, development and upgrading, she is attracting the attention of the world with its unique urban charm.

Harbin, Fashion City

In fashion circle of China, Harbin is the focus of the topic absolutely . The most fashionable trendsetters of China are in here. Harbin has been ranked first in the city ranking list of “the China most beautiful women city ”, which has topped the list for many years. Fashion and beauty, Harbin has become a fashion city not only based on history and culture, but also has modern and future trends, which is the unique soil of fashion.

Harbin, Vitality City

As one of the first excellent tourist cities in China, Harbin has been listed among the TOP10 influential tourism cities of China in 2018, which is also awarded the only "Music City" by the United Nations in Asia. The most "burning" ice city and the most "cool" summer capital are blended here, where the bright European style and warm northern culture are intertwined. Ice and snow, wetlands, forests... Where is her vitality? Let nature answers you.

Harbin, Style City

Majestic Sophia Church, the elegant and unique gothic buildings, the Russian wooden chalet with exquisite style...Harbin has long been known as “Oriental Paris” and “Oriental Moscow”. The exotic style is not only reflected in the building, but also wafted in the deep alley with a strong "Russian flavor". Food is culture no need language, such as Harbin red sausage with strong northern flavor, Huamei Western Restaurant with Russian cultural flavor, Modern brand popsicles, Kvass,drink, the Khleb...  Citizens and tourists who standing in Long queues in front of delicious food understand the style of Harbin best.

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