Declaration of competition

Bank of Harbin 2021 Harbin Marathon

Entry statement

Please register all the contestants, carefully read it carefully before "the Harbin bank 2021 Harbin marathon competition regulation", the "Harbin bank 2021 Harbin marathon registration notice ", namely by default after you submit the registration information you have read, understand and agree to abide by all the contents of the two, and sign and submit this statement.

As a contestant, I, my guardian, legal representative, immediate family member and any other person who may file a claim or action on my behalf make the following statements:

1. I voluntarily sign up for the Bank of Harbin 2021 Harbin Marathon and all related activities (hereinafter referred to as the "Race"), and I will fill in the relevant registration information truthfully, and I am responsible for the authenticity and validity of the information filled in.

2. I fully understand and agree to abide by all procedures, rules, regulations, requirements and measures formulated by the organizing committee of Harbin Bank 2021 Harbin Marathon (hereinafter referred to as "the organizing committee").

3. I am aware that there are special health requirements and unsafe factors for participating in this competition, and I have made a prudent assessment of the possible risks and accidents.I promise that I have passed a physical examination by a formal medical institution and conducted a self-assessment based on the examination report to confirm that my physical and mental health conditions meet the requirements for the competition and that I have made full training and necessary preparations for the competition.I am willing to bear the responsibility for all accidental risks caused by my own health or other reasons, and confirm that I will not claim compensation or hold the organizing committee responsible for any accident, death or any form of loss occurred or caused during the competition.

4. I promise to obey the management and command of the referee and the race staff during the race. I will voluntarily quit the race if I don't finish the race at the closing time, I feel unwell or there is an emergency on the course, and I will bear all the responsibilities and consequences arising from my adherence to the race.

5. I agree to accept the on-site emergency medical treatment provided by the organizing committee during the competition, but I shall bear the related expenses such as medical treatment and nursing in the hospital.

6. I authorize the organizing committee and designated media to use my name, portrait, video, voice and other personal information for the organization and promotion of the competition free of charge.

7. I am willing to receive the relevant information released by the organizing committee and sponsors and partners of the event.

8. I agree to be insured by the organizing committee for personal accident insurance. I confirm that I have understood and agreed to the relevant contents of the insurance contract.

9. I agree to obtain the certificates of marathon and half marathon results through the official website of the event.

10. I or my guardian or legal representative or immediate family member have carefully read and fully understood the above content, and confirm all the above content and assume the corresponding legal responsibility.

11. I will strictly abide by the security check and check-in system and will not carry any dangerous goods into the venue to protect my own or others' personal and property safety.Make sure to wear the number book and chip according to the regulations, and enter the designated area to check in.I guarantee to regulate my words and behaviors, protect the public facilities of the Event, maintain the good environment of the Event, and not do any dangerous behavior that may affect or endanger the order of the Event or the personal and property safety of myself or others.

I promise not to urinate and defecate anywhere, not to litter anywhere.Before starting, I will work with the environmental protection volunteers to put the waste in the garbage bags and the discarded masks in the designated places to ensure the cleanliness of the race route and jointly maintain a beautiful track environment.

13. I understand and agree with all the measures and requirements of the organizing committee regarding the epidemic prevention and control of this event, and promise to strictly abide by them.

14. I have clearly understood and recognized the risks of the Competition, including known, foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, which may cause personal or property losses to myself or to a third party.

These risks include, but are not limited to: traffic accidents;Risks arising from changes in weather or natural disasters;The risks of heat and humidity, including heat stroke;The risk that may be caused by one's own physical condition or physiological reaction accompanying the activity itself;Possible damage to human body by animals or insects;Other hazards or accidents and accidents that may be faced.I have full knowledge and understanding of the content, requirements, intensity and risks of the competition.I am aware of my physical condition and fully able to complete the event safely.If you lose consciousness during the race, you will automatically entrust the first aid volunteers of the organizing committee to perform first aid by all means, including but not limited to CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), AED external defibrillation, and hire a vehicle or aircraft for rapid transport.I hereby guarantee that the legal liability and the accompanying expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by myself. The first aid volunteers involved in the rescue and/or the organizing and operating institutions of the competition shall not be held responsible for any legal and economic aspects.In case of any risk during the race, including but not limited to injury, physical damage, irreversible permanent physical damage, sequelae, accident, liability and accompanying economic loss, all risks shall be borne by myself and have nothing to do with the organization and operation of the race.During the competition, any loss of any third party caused by my own behavior shall be borne by me, which has nothing to do with the organization and operation of the competition.

In view of the competitive risk of the competition, participants under the age of 18 and over 65 shall be signed by their guardian, legal representative and immediate family members on the signing page of the "Declaration of Participation".It signifies that the participant's guardian, legal representative and immediate family members acknowledge the participant's participation and assume all possible risks and responsibilities for participating in the "Harbin Bank 2021 Harbin Marathon".Minor entrants must be signed by a guardian or legal representative and accompanied by at least one guardian or legal representative or immediate family member.

I, my guardian, legal agent and my immediate family members have fully understood and agreed to the above contents. I guarantee the authenticity of all information and materials such as my identity, age and actual residence information. This document is signed by me, my guardian, legal agent and my immediate family members.Impersonation is not allowed, otherwise I, my guardian, legal agent, immediate family members will bear all the legal and compensation responsibilities arising therefrom.

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29 August 2021
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